How to Score Perfect Dewy Skin for Summer

Written by Andrea Emmanuel


Well the clouds are parting, coats and sweaters are going into storage (in my case) and out come shorts, sundresses, and beautiful summer clothes!  With your new summer outfits you need beautiful glowing skin. As a special surprise, celebrity make-up artist Jeffrey Paul has offered his expert advice to help you achieve perfect and dewy skin for summer.  Jeffrey Paul has done make-up and hair for celebrities such as Freida Pinto, Denise Richards, Emma Roberts, Rachel Bilson, and MORE.  His impressive talent has graced the covers of Harpers Bazaar and has been featured in several outstanding photo shoots.  While your skin may have been in hibernation for winter, prep yourself now with these tips from Jeffrey and myself to have wonderful and fresh dewy skin for summer!

STEP 1: Hydrate

Drink lots and lots of water.  Make it your goal to drink at least 4 glasses of water a day and increase it over time to 8.  If you really can’t make it to 8, substitute regular water with coconut water. According to Jeffrey, “Not only does water give our skin a healthy glow, so does minerals.  Magnesium, potassium and various salts are the gate keepers to the cells vital functions.   When these are low, our cells hold onto water, so replenishing minerals are the key to staying hydrated and healthy”. Delicious and refreshing, each sip reminds you how much closer you are to summer.

STEP 2: You Are What You Eat

Yummy Almonds! Photo Credit:

You all know the phrase, so put down the junk food CK readers!  It is basically true, especially for your face (if that is the case, I look like a giant cookie)! While it is ok to indulge once in awhile, give the Starbucks, pizza, microwave dinners, and sweets a rest.  According to Cosmopolitcan UK, “If you want clear healthy skin it’s important to put the right things into your body…eat lots of foods containing antioxidants.” Also remember to add foods with Essential Fatty Acids into your diet like oily fish, nuts, and seeds.  This helps the appearance of your skin and your hair.  Feeling a little hungry between meals?  Snack on almonds, walnuts, and peanuts-all good for your skin and your health.  So go nuts-literally.

STEP 3:  Moisturize!

Sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin from burning and aging.  Jeffrey gave a really good tip, “Sunscreen mixed into your moistuizer for foundation will give you an extra sheen, as well as protecting you from harmful uva/uvb rays”. It also happens to be a fantastic moisturizer and helps you keep your younger looking skin with out looking like the over-tanned cast of Jersey Shore or the Real Housewives of (literally) Orange County.

Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil

STEP4: Scrub and Replenish

“Exfoliate more often in warmer months.  This will help the skin turnover, as it does faster in warmer months. To give your skin a little extra TLC Jeffrey suggests to, “Mix a drop of replenishing facial oils on your skin before your makeup or skin routine. I love Jurlique Facial Balancing Oil.” This helps to smoothen, protect, and soften your skin.  Jeffrey also suggested to have a rehydrating spray with you to mist and cool down from the heat in these soon to be warms months.  I found Evian Mineral Water Spray at Sephora that comes in a cute little bottle. Perfect for summer!

STEP 5: Powder Puff

No one wants to have their make-up sliding down their face in the heat.  The worst thing you can do in the summer is cake the foundation on. Jeffrey’s tip for Step 5 is to “[Add] a drop of shimmer lotion to your foundation or your moisturizer” and also to “use a mineral powder instead of a regular pressed.” This is because a mineral powder is the best way to have a nice light base without caking the make-up on. Someone please tell Christina Aguilara.

There you have it CK Readers, prepare your skin in the coming months so that when summer eventually rolls around (it could not be any sooner!) your skin will be prepared for the warmth and looking gorgeous.  Special thanks to Jeffrey Paul for his fantastic advice! For more on Jeffrey Paul, check him out on twitter (@JPBeauty) and like him on Facebook!


Original post on Apr 26, 2011


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