Are you Sexy or Cute?


Are you Sexy or Cute?

After working with celebrities like Freida Pinto, Emily Blunt, and Jaime Alexander, it’s safe to assume that professional Makeup Artist Jeffrey Paul knows a thing or two about being sexy. During his IMATS L.A. seminar, he explained what makes a person attractive and the difference between cute and sexy.

While beauty has a lot to with your inner self, the proportions of a person’s face are what make a person appealing. While a bigger head and smaller features are cute, angular and sharper features are sexy.  Jeffrey Paul even demonstrated a few tricks and techniques to emphasize or change these features, like shading and contouring.

1 Create sexy angles

To create a sexy look, Jeffrey Paul suggests changing how light and darkness hits the face. Start by using a matte bronzer to contour the cheeks, the nose, and even the tip of the chin (if you have a longer face). This will start to create shadows to enhance the angles of your face.

2 Remember to highlight

Where there is darkness, there must be light. Highlight wherever the sun would naturally hit the face, spots like the forehead, cheekbones, and center of nose.

3 Have a full pout

For a full, sexy pout, use a trick that bombshell Marilyn Monroe perfected on herself: apply a paler lipstick to bring out the center of the lips and add some gloss to the bottom lip for a pouty look. Don’t forget to conceal around the mouth for a sharp, clean look.


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