Makeup for all souls

Blogging 101   Day 1

In this day and age, fashion and all things that relate to the world of “Beauty” have become. Omg “so cute!” “Hot” and “so good!” And they have lost substance. Those very words don’t describe anything.  They barely describe the transformative power real art can have. I want the content of my blog to bring back that richness that was integral to the creation of style. I want to explore and discover the art of fashion and beauty and its healing benefit.  
The world of fashion and beauty  is not so esoteric as it seems. I want it to be real and tangible for others.


I have always been described as a visionary, seeing the big picture and how all the pieces will fit into place.  As I learn about all things beauty  I noticed beautiful things have substance. there is a formula to this creation. 
I see blogging as a Public expression of unfolding. It’s a chance for me discover  and document the true essence of beauty.  It can be a real living and breathing art.
I have had many journals and they never got any love and attention. It’s because a journal to me is a monotonous journey  that only I get to hear and never appreciate. Sometimes I get bored at my own thoughts and  I don’t find myself interesting, but I notice in sharing I get to bond with a reader of the blog or a viewer of a video. The bond is what makes life worth living. The shared experience makes life sweet!
Beauty is the big picture of my life and it’s not just
Makeup or hair, but fashion art, culture, and all things that move the soul.
There is a quote by Sri Aurobindo about “Beauty “
It says

Art galleries cannot be brought into every home, but, if all the appointments of our life and furniture of our homes are things of tasting beauty, it is inevitable that the habits, thoughts and feelings of the people should be raised, ennobled, harmonized, made more sweet and dignified.    

What a great way to enrich and uplift our life’s by seeing the deep spirituality that lies within the world of “Beauty .”

I hope all those that come to my blog will be inspired to create! I hope that people will be inspired to find art within themselves.

As a makeup & hair stylist and visionary I invite you to discover with me the substance of integral beauty. 

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