the Landscape of Florence Italy

Italy looks as if its in the clouds, but when you’re there, its heaven!

FullSizeRender 2
The Duomo Florence Italy

3 comments on “the Landscape of Florence Italy

  1. What a wonderfully beautiful shot. Can I ask what season it was when you took it? The colours and the balance are so perfect, no wonder you wish you were back there! 🙂

    • that was may 15 of 2013.. and the funny thing.. i will be back there this may as well.. i hope to take a lot more photos .. i love yours btw. too very nice.
      I’m new to blogg etc
      i usually go for the film festival in cannes and venice and of course sight see too

      • I have only been writing my blog since November last year. It has been a great way to see some wonderful photography from people around the world. I hope you enjoy the blogging experience and will look forward to seeing some of your images after May! Many thanks for the follow by the way! Best wishes.


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