What do i see?

What color would enhance her skin; her eyes and compliments her hair?  Quickly these thought cycle through my brain as I choose what makeup products I need out of my big beauty kit, for today’s job. 


What is it about beauty that is so interesting? What makes us come alive when we look at all things in the beauty world? If beauty is done right, we become transfixed, we are moved, because, like art, makeup and the world of beauty has a power to transfix us and move us beyond this earthly realm into something bigger.  I feel makeup is an art, if done right it can open up our brain, move us beyond what we see and start to imagine something greater is before us.

Looking at the work of Michelangelo, I become excited to see how he defines the face, how he defines the space within a face.  What kids of shapes he uses and how deliberate he is with his etchings. The delicate shading or the blending that becomes so careful; the faint lines become tiny microcosms unto themselves.   As I looked at this work of the master I realize why I love makeup and color. It’s the play of light within the makeup. Makeup done right can look like the fine work the masters create on a canvass.

Today, I chose a simple satin texture, taupe/brown shadow, to define the eye. The color was lifted off the palette with a soft flat brush. I noticed the color balancing on the end of the brushes bristles, what would it do once applied? Will it accomplish my desired effect of enhancing face and the facial features and structure? I place the brush flat side down onto the eyelid and I can see the soft brown color lay along the eye and fall deeper into the crease, than on the eye lid.  As it does slip into the deeper parts of the eye, I notice it defines the eye by making the crease appear deeper and stronger. but what about the soft rounder parts? The delicate crystal pieces lay differently on this part of the eye. The shadow starts to look as if it has a rounding effect. It catches the light differently, it’s that same shadow, but now it starts to highlight the ball of the eye.  I keep applying the shadow in a sweeping motion. First patting to place the color and then sweeping to blend it.  The shadow is doing things that masters like Michelangelo does with his pencil. It carves out a crease and highlights the roundness of the eye. This is the beauty of good makeup it moves us by enhancing the beauty already before us. True make up, if done right, has the same power the work of the masters has, it can move our soul, by enhancing our subject, to create shapes lines and symmetry to an already beautiful canvas.



5 comments on “What do i see?

  1. I found it hard to believe that this is a free writing. Your stream of consciousness amaze me and I really want to be able to flawlessly put my make up like you describe. Probably will take forever for me to learn since I hardly put any make up in everyday basis. :sigh:

    • its what i do every day.. but it took me a while to get this clear. i still see holes in it.. but i wrote this at the very end of the day.. after a cup of bedtime tea. so my mind was ready to sleep… slowing down really helped me figure this out..but it also took 4 days to write the first assignment. hahahah xoxo

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