Peace, Unconquerable, Desire: 3 songs.

Three songs


Mike Rowland

The Fairy Ring.


The first time i heard you i feel into a deep guided mediation, led by Shirley Maclaine.  The music feels like a dream and always makes me find my true self.  My heart slows down and I can hear each beat, move through me. I hear you and my breath grows deeper and deeper into my body. Then, My body drops all the tension after each exhalation and my shoulders let go and fall down and back into place. Each time I hear you, it feels like the first time and I get lost in your beautiful soulful rhythm and winding space. Your music guides me deeper and deeper into myself; I can’t stop the tears that pour out as I have held onto them for years. This moment stands still, but the experiences of life flash by and leave my body as if a wave of forgives releases all that have been held. The tears flow from my eyes as each and every emotion joined with a life experience flow and flush from my mind and body. I don’t know if a lover seeming like great loss of love, a death or if I am falling in love and wanting to shed the old and grow into a life of utterly new possibilities.


The music of mike Rowland is a meditative journey that is spontaneous and will take you on a cleansing river ride into wholeness. Each time I listen to this, I find light piercing through the dark clouds. All that is not real vanishes, and love is the only thing that remains. I now share this peace with you.




Amma Amma Taye

by Mata Amritanandamayi aka Amma (Mother)

Its 1990, and I feel this new excitement run through my body, for the first time. The words are strange and the musical sounds are instruments that are odd to hear, but it moves my body deeply. They are calling a sound, a name that sounds like mother and I feel as if I calling my mother to come to me. How can I be rocked and comforted at the same time and also be moved like I’m swirling and twirling up into bliss frenzy. I call out Amma Amma taye and it’s a secret chant that makes me feel good. I feel powerful and unstoppable, I am unconquerable as I hear the words and pretend to chant them as if I created the words. I am the word of this unknown language.   Oh mother come to me, come to me. Let me be forever in your embrace and don’t let me go for all of eternity.   All the love I have ever known doesn’t compare to the love you are showering on me now! Your glance, your eyes are filled with pools of love bathing me and beaming light into me. The light permeates my body and each pore beams out a beacon of light like the giant sun. The crowd cheers too and they also are filled with light. The notes reach higher levels and higher the joy in me rises up and up too. My body feels as if 1 billion suns are shining and screaming yes! I feel there are no boundaries of this body or mind and everything is connected as one whole sun one brilliant light.


This song was one of the first songs I heard, when I visited Amma in NYC in 1990. It still brings me great joy, while feeling protected and showered with the most love I could ever imagine. I now share this love with you.


A new version of the song


Sweet Dreams & Love is a Stranger.


A new sound emerges from the darkness and it beckons all those that have no voice. The sound feels like a brilliant light we see at the end of a long dark tunnel. It is beyond beautiful and somewhat haunting. The words called out by the voice are taboo to some, but accurate and explicit for what others hear in their head. it’s the inner voice that she is putting a face and soul to. Our deepest thoughts and desires now have a form. She is incredibly inspiring and unabashedly truthful in naming our desire.

The words are uncharted territory as they are confusing, but it’s the passion that the words and the voice conjure. A desire to become more and explore all that is taboo. I can feel the longing and passion whirling to surface for the first time igniting ambition and desire. Strange objects and whirling images like a haunting dream find their way to the surface off this murky lake.  The passion to explore and become one with all things as well as the desire to devour, all that you see.


Eurythimics means the art of harmonious bodily movement especially through expressive timed movements in response to improvised music. The group emerged in 1983, with album and song sweet dreams are made of this. Annie’s androgynous look gave all an inspiration to create your own identity and feel comfortable in your own skin. Here is the title track from the Album.

 another favorite


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