The Gardenia









Unlike other flower essences that bring clarity to your thoughts and feelings, Gardenia nourishes at deep levels, and awakens you to what you’re here to do, beyond the levels of the mind. You feel moister, softer, and in tune with your real essence.




When out of balance it will cause confusion, flightiness, flaky, muddled thoughts, running in circles, off on tangents, starts & stops speech in mid conversation, feelings like they are “spinning wheels”, poor time management with half completed projects. Ultimately when unbalanced it will lead to frustration, stagnation & even physical congestion.






Gardenia activates the Conception Vessel, a meridian that runs up the front mid-line of your body and downloads your soul into the body. Applying Gardenia topically to this front midline of the body is a good treatment that will encourage your real self to come out into the world.




The gardenia flower remedy is very good at returning or restoring systems, order, balance, or priorities. It gives one the ability to see the big picture, to persevere, and stay on task. Gardenia is great for noticing patterns, math skills, higher thinking, organization, seeing projects through to completion & knowing how to use resources.









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